When Patrick isn't tutoring math with us, he might be building a sustainable water-catching system in Guatemala or Haiti. As an engineer, Patrick as taken student groups from Seattle University to both those countries just this year, returning to his GED student Francis when he's back in Seattle.






Edythe has been volunteering with Basic Studies for about a decade. She helps Alyssa with Talk Time and works with at least four students a quarter. Always a tutor in high demand, Edythe is the backbone of our volunteer program.





Quotes from Tutors

Our students are committed to making their new lives work for them—and the major tool to success is learning English.  The ESL program should be a mandate in every community college; the state should be funding it generously and fairly. . . Most of my women students are married, have small children, work at minimum wage, labor-intensive jobs, meet with me to be tutored, and then four nights each week attend at least ten hours of ESL classes!  How can we possibly let down these highly motivated people!

- Phelia Lorenzen, longtime ESL tutor


I volunteered at Basic Studies to obtain service-learning credit and stayed with the program after my obligation was fulfilled. I developed a good rapport with one ESL student, and with the advantage of personal study and the tutoring that was made available to him at Seattle Central, he advanced an entire level in one quarter of study. His determination to learn English has inspired me to devote more effort to my own studies, including that of a second language. Students who come to Seattle Central Basic Studies are highly motivated and the quality of assistance they receive is excellent.

- Patricia Hein, Seattle University service-learner turned volunteer