final notes, email from Jessie 6/9

Hi tutors,

Thank you SO MUCH for your excellent work this quarter. So many students have told me how happy they are with their tutor; I hope they’ve expressed the same to you.

Today and tomorrow there will be some handmade goodies in our office for you – a small measure of our appreciation. I can’t guarantee the deliciousness of these desserts, but they were made with love. Please stop in and have a treat.

Finally, if you haven’t filled out a yellow card or told Jessie or Alyssa your summer plans, please do so. We’ll schedule the summer accordingly.

Again, thank you so much! This quarter was seamless, thanks to you.



finishing up + looking ahead, email from Jessie 6/1

Hi tutors,

Clearly the end of the quarter is upon us, as student attendance (and attention) seems to be falling away. Spring fever, I guess. Hopefully your students are coming to their sessions faithfully! I won’t write a tome this week; just a few notes to keep you informed as we finish the quarter.

Last day of tutoring:
• I had originally set the last day of tutoring as June 15th, the last day of class. However, after talking to Lindsay, I realized that the tutoring office will be dead these two days, as the last week of class is solely registration. Therefore, I think we’ll change the last day of tutoring to Friday, June 11th. That said, if you want to keep meeting with your student the following week and they’re willing, go for it.

Summer quarter information:
• June 28th - August 20th (8 weeks)
• Summer quarter is a bit strange. It’s only 8 weeks, and we’re closed on Fridays, so the schedule is shifted to make up for lost time.
Day classes:
o Listening/Speaking 8:00-9:30
o Reading/Writing 9:40-11:10
If you usually meet your student at 10:00 (after their first class), then you’ll be meeting them at 11:15 . . . or whatever the two of you decide works for you.
Night classes:
o Listening/Speaking MW 6:00-9:30
o Reading/Writing TTh 6:00-9:30

As you can see, the hours are pretty brutal. If you’re working with a student right now, it might be good to broach the subject of summer hours, so they’re not surprised by them when registration comes.

Returning tutors
• If you plan to return in the summer (and I hope you do!) would you please email me or stop by and tell me (a) what your schedule looks like, and (b) if you want to work with the same student.
• If you’re NOT returning in the summer, please shoot me an email or stop by so I don’t harass you with my summer emails.

I said I wouldn’t write too much; sorry – there’s just so much information to impart!

As usual, thank you so much for your hard work and dedication! I can absolutely see the difference in so many students. Thank you thank you!



College Orientation for Basic and Transitional Studies Students

Here's an event that you should encourage your students to attend, especially those higher-level students who have mentioned a desire or readiness to go to college:

College Orientation for Basic and Transitional Studies Students
Thursday, May 27
9:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.
Room BE1110

-Learn about college-level studies at Seattle Central
-Meet staff members from Admissions, Advising, Financial Aid, and other student services
-Meet Seattle Central Student Leaders
-Tour the campus
-Free food


Last Literacy NOW training

Literacy NOW, our partner organization who does the tutor training, has lost its funding! This is a HUGE loss to our community and to our program. They only have ONE MORE tutor training opportunity: Friday, June 25th and Saturday, June 26th. If you’ve been thinking about signing up for this training but hadn’t done so, this is your chance! It’s only $15 and you receive a really useful handbook and lots of teaching ideas. Email me if you’d like to sign up for this final opportunity. Also, their website is going to be taken down, and it’s worth perusing before this happens. Here’s the link.

(taken from Jessie's 'P.S.' email from 5/18)


Important Dates

The last day of tutoring for Spring Quarter will be Thurs, June 17.

Summer Quarter runs from June 28 to Aug 20. Tutoring will begin Mon, June 28.

If you already know if you will or will not tutor next quarter, let Jessie or Alyssa know. Otherwise, you will be contacted about your schedule in the final weeks of this quarter.

Thanks for the hard work and hours you have contributed so far this quarter!