A contribution of just $26.25 can move a student onto the college track – and change a life 

The Basic & Transitional Studies Division at Seattle Central Community College:

  • Serves over 3,200 students annually
  • Ensures opportunities for academic achievement, workplace preparation, and increased self-sufficiency
  • Provides up to four classes per quarter at $25 tuition
  • Helps transition students from very low-income backgrounds into college level classes
  • Provides free tutors through a volunteer tutoring program

Because our classes are considered pre-college, our students are not eligible for financial aid.  Our tuition is $25 a quarter for up to four classes, but our students include the homeless, the long-term unemployed, and the recently incarcerated – so this price is prohibitive for some. 

We strive to serve our whole community – not just the individuals who can afford to pay.

We’re asking for your help.  Please consider contributing money for a student to attend Basic & Transitional Studies for a quarter.  We estimate that 150 students per quarter will need a scholarship $15,750 annually. For $26.25*, you can provide a student with a full-time quarter to get them on track to self-sufficiency. 

Your donation of:                                            

Will fund a FULL college quarter for:                                                      


1 student


2 students


4 students


10 students



Interested in donating?

This link is provided to make your giving simple.  Just click on the link below, click OTHER in the Donation Category, and designate your donation to “Basic & Transitional Studies Scholarships.”  Be sure to include this designation on your donation; otherwise, your contribution will go into the general Seattle Central account.  Please consider asking your employer to match your donation.

Donate Now 

If you have questions about us, please feel free to contact us at 206.934.6964 or 934-4142.

Thank you,

Alison Stevens, Dean

Basic & Transitional Studies Division                   

1701 Broadway, BE 3122

Seattle, WA 98122




*The Seattle Central Community College Foundation charges a 5% administrative fee.