Tutoring For Credit Course Outline


Course Number: EDU 197, 198, 199

Course Title: Tutoring Basic Skills

Division: Basic Studies and Cooperative Education

Credit Hours: 1-2



  • Completion of English 101
  • Desire to serve ESL or ABE students (as described in the application)
  • Meeting with the Tutoring Coordinator
  • Schedule that complies with Basic Studies tutoring times
  • Clean background check
  • Ability to work independently and self-sufficiently


Course Description:

This course offers hands on experience in the field of Adult Education.

  • For one credit (two hours a week) or two credits (four hours a week), students tutor English as a Second Language or Adult Basic Education students in classroom situations, small groups, or one-on-one sessions·        
  • Tutors for Credit help ESL or GED students with homework, study skills, and basic math, English or writing·        
  • Tutors for Credit work with the same students throughout the quarter, helping them navigate their class and succeed educationally·        
  • Students are able to experience and participate in a multi-cultural, educational setting·        


Course Objectives:

Students will . . .

  • Learn techniques of language teaching in the field of Adult Basic Education to prepare them for future careers
  • Have an opportunity to observe and work with professionals in the field
  • Understand and appreciate the process of second-language acquisition and literacy
  • Experience diversity in action
  • Enrich their own lives


Interested in Registering?

Please follow the following steps:

  • Fill out the application and email it to Jessica Gibson or drop it off in the tutoring office
  • Attend the orientation meeting in the first week of the quarter


Contact person: Jessica Gibson

Office: BE3124

Phone: 206-934-4378

Email: jessica.gibson@seattlecolleges.edu